1 place
Consortium led by
Novaya Zemlya (Russia)
2 place
Consortium led by
IND Architects (Russia)
3 place
Selection of the optimum master plan for the Town of Derbent urban district, implementing the principle scenario of a “vibrant town” and a concept of development for the embankment.
International, two-stage, open.
Professional organizations in the field of integrated development of territories and urban planning, architecture, design, and elaboration of concepts for the development of public spaces, operating in Russia, and capable of attracting specialists in the field of economics, finances, and content programming to the team.
According to results of the selection stage, three finalists will be selected on the basis of a relevant portfolio and essays, and will be engaged in the development of proposals.
The three finalists who develop the final bids will be paid a fee totaling 2,500,000 rubles, including all taxes and fees. Following a meeting of the jury, the finalists, will receive an additional payment in accordance with prize distribution, including all taxes and fees, in the following amounts:
  • Winner – 4,000,000 rubles.
  • Second place – 2,000,000 rubles.
  • Third place – 1,000,000 rubles.
The total Prize Fund, including all taxes and fees, will be 14,500,000 rubles.
  • 25 June 2019

    The Competition begins. Press conference

  • 10 - 11 July 2019

    Introductory webinar for participants of the contest

  • 22 July 2019

    Application submissions close

  • 29 July 2019

    Public council meeting

  • 30 July 2019

    Jury meeting

  • 22 August 2019

    Установочный семинар для финалистов в Москве

  • 4 - 5 September 2019

    Orientation seminar for the Finalists

  • 11 November 2019

    Concept submissions close

  • 19 November 2019

    Final Jury meeting. Press conference

*Organizer may introduce changes to the competition schedule.
  • Vladimir Vasiliev

    Vladimir Vasiliev Head of the Republic of Dagestan. Chairman of the Jury

  • Edouard Moreau

    Edouard MoreauFounder of Orchestra Design Studio, urbanist, architect, sustainability specialist

  • Khizri Abakarov

    Khizri Abakarov Head of Derbent Town District

  • Viktor Vakhshtayn

    Viktor Vakhshtayn Head of the Department of Sociology at MSSES. Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at RANEPA

  • Nezir Guseynov

    Nezir Guseynov Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the Republic of Dagestan

  • Zarina Doguzova

    Zarina Doguzova Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism)

  • Irina Zamotina

    Irina Zamotina Managing partner of the Urbanika Institute

  • Uvais Kamalov

    Uvais Kamalov Chairman of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Dagestan

  • Suleyman Kerimov

    Suleyman KerimovMember of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Republic of Dagestan

  • Aleksandr Kudryavtsev

    Aleksandr Kudryavtsev Head of the Department of Archeology and Regional History, Dean of Stavropol State University

  • Evgeniy Kutsenko

    Evgeniy Kutsenko Head of the cluster observatory of the Institute of Statistical Research, Higher School of Economics (HSE)

  • Isa Magomedov

    Isa Magomedov Chief Architect of Derbent Town District.

  • Miralayev Fakhridin

    Miralayev Fakhridin Master of Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • Evgeniya Murinets

    Evgeniya Murinets Head of the Urban Policy Institute, advisor to the President of the Union of Architects of Russia

  • Narine Tyutcheva

    Narine Tyutcheva Architect, founder of the Architectural Bureau RDNK

*Organizer may introduce changes to the competition jury.
Public council*
  • Diana Alieva

    Diana AlievaCentral Library System Director

  • Stanislav Aristov

    Stanislav AristovAdvisor to the Russian Minister of Affairs in the Northern Caucasus

  • Murad Gadzhiev

    Murad Gadzhiev Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Republic of Dagestan

  • Robert Ilishaev

    Robert IlishaevPresident of the Derbent Jewish Religious Community Kele Numaz Synagogue

  • Ahmad Haji Kakhaev

    Ahmad Haji KakhaevDeputy Mufti of the Republic of Dagestan

  • Naida Kasimova

    Naida KasimovaEditor-in-chief of the Derbent News newspaper

  • Nikolay Kotelnikov

    Nikolay Kotelnikov Archpriest of the Pokrovskaya Church of Derbent Urban District

  • Vladimir Krylov

    Vladimir Krylov Chairman of the Civic Chamber of Derbent Urban District

  • Dauren Kurugliev

    Dauren Kurugliev Russian freestyle wrestler, Russian and European Freestyle Wrestling Champion. Master of Sport of Russia, international class. Member of the Russian National Freestyle Wrestling Team.

  • Lev Manakhimov

    Lev Manakhimov Artistic Director of the Municipal Mountain Jewish Theatre of Derbent Urban District

  • Saidgashim Murtaibov

    Saidgashim Murtaibov Mullah of Derbent Urban District Dzhuma Mosque

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov

    Khabib Nurmagomedov Russian mixed martial arts wrestler, current UFC Lightweight Champion

  • Mavsum Ragimov

    Mavsum Ragimov Chairman of the City Council of Derbent Urban District

  • Abdulrashid Sadulaev

    Abdulrashid SadulaevRussian freestyle wrestler, Olympic champion, three-time world champion, three time European champion. Merited Master of Sports of Russia

  • Magomed Sadulaev

    Magomed Sadulaev Deputy of the Dagestan People’s Assembly, CEO of Derbent Sparkling Wine factory

  • Valeria Khasanova

    Valeria KhasanovaChairman of the Council of Women of the city of Derbent

  • Shumi Shabataev

    Shumi Shabataev Member of the Civic Chamber of the Republic of Dagestan

  • Irina Shirihaeva

    Irina ShirihaevaDeputy head of the «Derbent News Information Center»

  • Imam Yaraliev

    Imam Yaraliev Deputy of the City Council of Derbent Urban District

*Organizer may introduce changes to the public council members.
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